How Vaxxy Works

Why Use Vaxxy?


2. All online advertising is done for you!

3. It's paperless! Everything is done through the app, robust record keeping!

4. VAXXY actually directs patients to your door

5. That VAXXY use experience is slick, which means: happier patients & shorter appointment times

Find your Vaccine!

For the Pharmacy A complete end to end solution to operating a travel clinic
  • 1. Clinicians can simply register themselves and their pharmacy online with VAXXY. If you require training then just contact us via telephone or email and we can arrange this for you.
  • 2.Once registered you’re ready to go! The system then directs patients into your pharmacy.
  • 3.Why is this system different to others?

    • There is no upfront signup fee! VAXXY only take a cut of the payment made at the appointment. If this is taken by card then you don’t have to do anything! VAXXY does the split for you!

    • The above incentivises us to work! This system can only work if you get appointments. We have a great deal of experience in both digital and organic marketing and promise our clients that we can help them to increase their revenue and footfall. Travel health is becoming more and more vital. You can be the go-to service provider in your local community.

    • Apart from a signed initial agreement, there is no paperwork. No paper records to keep and no sifting through tonnes of sheets to get a patient’s history. It’s all on the VAXXY system.

    • The system prompts you and reminds you as to what you should do during a travel health consultation. We’re all human, and sometimes forgetful. VAXXY makes sure you have covered everything!